ENVE 652, Toxicology for Engineers and Scientists
Modules and Topics

Learning Modules

Module 01

Closes Tuesday, 4 September 2018 (Monday is Labor Day)
Stine and Brown Chapter 1

Submodule 1A Getting Started in Blackboard
Submodule 1B Getting to know you
Submodule 1C Introduction to Toxicology; "Highly Toxic"
Submodule 1D Dose units
Submodule 1E Biology, just a little
Submodule 1F Chemistry, just a little
   Learning Goals

Module 02

Closes Monday, 10 September
Stine and Brown pages 15-(top)20

Submodule 2A Death in the Laboratory; MSDS;
Submodule 2B Organic Chemistry, just a little
Submodule 2C Biochemistry, just a little
Submodule 2D Tissues, Organs, Systems, Signals and Receptors.
Submodule 2E Kinetics, Introduction, Absorption.
  Learning Goals

Module 03

Closes Monday, 17 September, S&B Chapter 4
Submodule 3A
Cellular Sites of Action
Submodule 3B
Nerve gas
Submodule 3C
More kinetics.
Submodule 3D
MSDS Project
Submodule 3E
Web searching.
  Learning Goals

Module 04

Closes Monday, 24 September, S&B Chapters 3 and 6
Submodule 4A
Biotransformation, S&B Chapter 3 (lightly)
Submodule 4B
Scientific Literature
Submodule 4C
Cancer I, the science, S&B Chapter 6
Submodule 4D
Submodule 4E
UAF Library
Learning Goals

Module 05

Closes Monday, 1 October MSDS Project Due.
Submodule 5A
LD50s, Reference Doses (non-cancer)
Submodule 5B
Epidemiology (Cancer and non-cancer)
Submodule 5C
In vitro genotoxicity tests, Ames and others
Submodule 5D
Animal models, Low dose extrapolations;
Weight of Evidence Classification
Submodule 5E
Ames Paper
Learning Goals

Module 06

Closes Monday, 8 October. Paper Topics Due.
Submodule 6A
Reproductive Toxicology, S&B Chapter 7
Submodule 6B
Submodule 6C
Respiratory Toxicology, S&B Chapter 8
Submodule 6D
Asbestos and particulates
Submodule 6E
Resources: IRIS, ASTDR,
Learning Goals

Module 07

Closes Monday, 15 October (Discussion due 24 October)
Submodule 7A
Cardiovascular Toxicology S&B Chapter 9
Submodule 7B
Neurotoxicology, S&B Chapter 10
Submodule 7C
Benzene metabolism
Submodule 7D
Free Radicals
Learning Goals

Module 08

Closes 22 October
Submodule 8A
Hepatic Toxicology, S&B Chapter 11
Submodule 8C
Renal Toxicology, S&B Chapter 12
Submodule 8D
Risk Communications and Ethics
Learning Goals

Module 09

Closes 29 October Paper outline and Lit search due.
Submodule 9A
Immunotoxicology, S&B Chapter 13
Submodule 9B
Hormonally Active Agents (aka Endocrine Disrupters)
Submodule 9C
Submodule 9D
Learning Goals

Module 10

Closes 5 November
Submodule 10A Specific Agents: Pesticides
Submodule 10B Specific Agents: Solvents and hydrocarbons
Submodule 10C Radiation, just a little
Submodule 10D Plant and animal toxins
  Learning Goals

Module 11

Closes 12 November
Submodule 11A Toxics from the Environment (S & B Chapters 14, 17.)
Submodule 11B Risk Assessment, 8A from ENVE 649, and 8B
Submodule 11C Ecological Risk Assessment 8C (Chapter 14)
  Learning Goals

Module 13

  Placeholder. Thanksgiving week. Work on Paper

Module 12

Closes 26 November
Submodule 12A
Regulatory toxicology
Submodule 12B
    Learning Goals



Module 14

Closes 3 December, PAPER DUE, Final Exam Out
  Billion Dollar Baby Powder
  Mass Murder
  Food and Fads
  Forest Fire Smoke
  PBPK Models

Module 15

Closes 10 December, Final Exam Due