ENVE 651, Environmental Risk Assessment

Spring 2019, ENVE 651, Environmental Risk Assessment

Outline of Modules and Topics

Learning Modules
Module 1
Closes 21 January 2017
Submodule 1A
Getting Started in Blackboard and Getting to know you
Submodule 1B
Risk and Safety   Learning Goals
Submodule 1C
Chemical Hazards
Submodule 1D
Introduction to Toxicology    Learning Goals
Submodule 1E
Dose units
Submodule 1F
 Learning Goals

Module 2
 Closes 28 January
Sub-module 2A
 Overview of laws and reg.'s, uses of risk assessment.
Sub-module 2B
 Begin fate and persistence, Pathways - qualitative - conceptual site models (CSMs). Environmental media.
Sub-module 2C
 On-line searching
Sub-module 2D
Module 2, Closure
Module 3
 Closes 4 February
 Sub-module 3A
Chemical Equilibrium, non-steady state
(in 3A)
Chemical Equilibrium, steady state, Computer modeling
Sub-module 3B
Tox I , Into human health effects, toxicology
Sub-module 3C
Ethics, use of scientific literature
Sub-module 3D
Module 3, Closure

 Module 4
 Closes 11 February

 Sub-module 4A

Fate of chemicals, equilibrium, homework

Sub-module 4B

Tox II , Toxicokinetics

Sub-module 4C

Use of scientific literature (continued)

Sub-module 4D


Information regarding the class paper, and library helps

 Module 5
 Closes 18 February

 Sub-module 5A

Exposure Assessment;   Chemical terms

Sub-module 5B

Tox III , Toxic effects

Sub-module 5C


 Module 6
 Closes 25 February

 Sub-module 6A

Exposure Assessment: Intake Assessment and Exposure Factors

Sub-module 6B

Tox IV, Cancer, carcinogens

 Module 7
 Closes 4 March

 Sub-module 7A
Risk Characterization, Cancer
 Module 8
 Closes 11 March
Sub-module 8A
Non-cancer endpoints, (homework quiz)
 Sub-module 8B
Intro modeling and the RISC program
Sub-module 8C
 Module 9
Closes 18 March
Sub-module 9A
Overview of Groundwater
Sub-module 9B
RBCA (Risk Based Corrective Action) and RBC (Risk-based Concentrations)
Sub-module 9C
RISC, simple model -Homework
Sub-module 9D
Old Closure
Module 10
Closes 25 March
Sub-module 10A
Some statistics and probability important to Risk Assessment
Sub-module 10B
Uncertainties from science and toxicology
Sub-module 10C
Special Chemicals
  New Closure   Closure
Module 11
Closes 1 April
  (Work on paper)
Module 12
Closes 8 April
Sub-module 12A
Public Involvement
Sub-module 12B
Risk Communications
Sub-module 12C
Ecological Risk Assessment
Sub-module 12D
Radiation, Workplace safety and risk assessments,
Sub-module 12E
Wrapping up Wrisk + Monte Carlo; Food Chain
 Module 13, Special topics, 15 April
Fun with Acronyms: NEBA, NRDA, PFOS, PFOA
Risk and Precaution
Ames and Gold
Future of Risk Assessment
Legal Knowledge
Alternatives to Risk Assessment
Global Risk Assessment
Natural Attenuation
History of a Risk Assessment
Wind up  
22 April Paper Due;
24 April Papers out for Review
26 April Exams Out
29 April Review of Papers due
3 May Exams due.