The output of a risk assessment is called the "risk characterization." It is here where the probability and severity of the harm are expressed. It is important in the characterization to discuss uncertainties as well. We will save uncertainties until a later module and here just work on the math of expressing cancer risks. We'll do non-cancer risks next week. This module only has one learning submodule, the purpose is for you to start some substantive work on your paper.

 Module 7
 Closes 4 March

 Sub-module 7A
Risk Characterization, Cancer

There will be some homework on this cancer risk assessment next week. This week, your homework is work on your class paper and prepare an outline. That is, the title or topic of your paper, the risk assessment you are writing about, and a few items from the literature that you have ordered or downloaded to work on, to start with. You should have at least one source from general internet searching (you'll likely have several), but I want you to use at least one source from the primary literature, which you will probably have to order from the library. There will be a 5 point homework entry in Blackboard gradebook that I will use as a placeholder to remind me where you are at. Send me an email with the subject "ENVE 651 Paper Outline." We may go back and forth a few times, and that is a good thing, if you are unsure about your direction.

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