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Module 3, Closes Monday, February 4

The chemical exposure of a human receptor, the dose, is seldom a constant. Even if we know the exact amount of a chemical that was released into the environment, the concentration of chemical in the environment changes with location in relation to the release and over time. Hence assessing the health effects of a chemical release will require analysis of the fate and transport of that chemical. This module starts with some basic concepts illustrated with some idealized situations and provides some numerical exercises. We also start with a computer program that will give use some insight into "where the chemicals go." Then we will start with some more basic toxicology. Then we will review some basics about use of scientific literature. (The toxicology and literature will be familiar to those who took ENVE 652 last semester; you will find about 5% of this course is recycled from the last.) There is a link to the closure module from the last time I taught this class. You might be interested in those comments and questions. Later I will update it with your comments and questions.

 Module 3  Closes 6 February
 Sub-module 3A Chemical Equilibrium, non-steady state
(in 3A) Chemical Equilibrium, steady state, Computer modeling
 Sub-module 3B Tox I , Into human health effects, toxicology
 Sub-module 3C Ethics, use of scientific literature
 Sub-module 3D 2015 Closure Spring 2013 Spring 2011 Closure Module 3, Closure

There are 25 points for this module's homework. a.) 15 points for the auto-quiz you access through Blackboard, b.) 7 points for the discussion, and c.) 3 points for the message to the instructor. All are explained more below.

a.) The homework from 3A involves some calculations. Because of the possibility of browser problems when you try to calculate things while you are using the homework quiz, I have placed the problems with the answer choices on the lesson pages. My intention is that you work the problems as you go along in the lesson, writing down your answer choices for each problem. Then when your are ready to do the electronic homework quiz, you can just click the correct choices. You'll see what I mean when you get there. Access the quiz through Blackboard.

b.) The discussion question refers to sub-module 3C. After you finish 3C, you should go the discussion section for your group. There the first thread is by the instructor and it has the discussion format.

c.) Send the instructor a message. Write the message in Word and attach it to an email. Be sure to label the SUBJECT of your email "ENVE 651 HW3." Be sure to name the FILE "HW3_SmithR_XXX.doc" where Smith is your last name, R is your initial, and XXX is whatever you want for your file system, or it can be omitted. In the message ask at least one question about the material in Module 3, and write a few lines about any problems you had accessing the material, quirks about how your browser handled the material, or point out any typo's or glitches in the material.

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