Let's get to know each other a little better.

We will post some information about ourselves to our class Wiki and then read and comment on other's information.

Write a two or three paragraph bio-sketch of yourself. About half about your professional life, career, education and such. Half about you personally, hobbies, where you live, or anything else. You will also need an electronic picture of yourself, at work or play. Then list one or two of your favorite websites. You probably want to write the bio in Word, and make sure the picture is in jpg format. Then go to Blackboard. Find the course main page. then you should see ENVE 651 Wiki in the folders on the left side of the page. Most Important.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will get this warning screen. You must hit No in order to use the Wiki. If you use Firefox or other browsers, this is not an issue.


From the Wikis link you should get to a page and see a link to ENVE 651 Wiki. Click on that link and you get to start of the Wiki and probably see my entry. To the right, in the column Wiki Details, is a list of pages. When you are done, click on Create Wiki Page button on the top left of the screen. That will take you to a blank page that you will name - Title - with your name. Cut and Paste your bio into the Wiki. You can add your picture and web sites to the Word document, then just past the whole thing on your Wiki page.. You can see my information under Instructor's Bio page. Your picture should not be too large, you may need to shrink it somehow.

For the next part of the assignment, you will read the bio's from the rest of the class. There are about 9 students in the class, so you can read them all. Then, select three of the students, preferably some that you don't know. Also, if you notice some already have lots of comments, go to a page that has fewer. Then go to the web sites they list on their page. Then, add a comment under that student's bio, in the Viewer Comment section. Tell the author of the page,and other readers, what you think about their chosen web sites. Then wait a few days and see what others have commented on your page. Write a reply.

There is a Wiki page, Comment on Wiki - Help, where you can write you comments and experiences with the Wiki process and also help other students. You may want to go to that page early in this process and see if others have found special help.

Your grade for this sub module will be based on putting your own information up (5 points) and also the comments you make on a few other sites (this is the Discussion worth 5 points). I don't grade for erudition, but that you did visit the sites and made some comment.

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