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Toxicology II

Learning Goal: Familiarization with some toxicology concepts that are important in evaluating and characterizing the dose-response relationship.

This module continues your introduction to toxicology. It deals with kinetics or the movement of chemicals into and through the body. "What the body does to the chemical." This particular lesson provides two side benefits. First, for those interested in eco-toxicity, processes described are the same in animals in the environment. Second, the section on biotransformation of chemicals in the body describes enzymatic processes that are similar to those that biotransform chemicals in the external environment. You should do the entire Tox Tutor II Lesson, but do not try to memorize the many chemical reactions described in the biotransformation section. Please read them to gain an appreciation for the complexity of these processes, but the few mechanisms I want you to know, we will go over again.

Now go to the Tox Tutor II Note, the Tox Tutor main site has been significantly dumbed down. But, I found a back door to the old site. Click on the link at left which brings you to the site map for the old site then then you can follow the links one at a time and get the entire site.

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