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For this assignment, you are going to develop a Level I model for the liquid chemical you looked up in Module 2. For most of you, that chemical is not one of the chemicals that are available as defaults in the Level I model. (If your chemical is in there, you are lucky.) For your "Simulation ID" start with your last name, then the name of your chemical. You will observe how your chemical will behave in an evaluative environment.

For the chemical properties, you will have to use your resources. I gave you a site for finding Kow. When you are ready for the Level 1 model, start by clicking New Chemical


Click the radio button for Type 1 and fill in molecular weight and data temperature, probably 25.

In some cases, if your chemical is completely mixable with water or has no vapor pressure, you should find another chemical.

Above are the environmental parameters I want you to use. Leave the other items at their default value.

For your homework deliverable, do two things. First, use the "print to file" button and you will get a txt file. You can then open that file into a Word document. Second, look at the diagram (the one with the fish) and look at where your chemical is. At the top of the Word document, write a paragraph and describe, qualitatively, where your chemical is and is not. Then describe why it is there. Be sure to use words like vapor pressure, octanol-water partition coefficient, water solubility, and other vocabulary from 3A and 4A. Answer the question, how would the picture change if this were very muddy water with the suspended sediment at 5 m^3, but the organic carbon percent (g/g) of the sediment the same? Then post your deliverable to your group discussion board. You will need to do this via an attachment. For the subject, put your chemical name; for the message box put "see attached." Read the attachment from the person above you. Write them a one paragraph note about how and why your chemical is different than / similar to their chemical. First person in each group gets a free ride.

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