Module 1

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Module 1, Closes Monday, January 21
Introduction; some basic concepts and definitions; a little toxicology.

We'll start with some introduction to Blackboard and get you started on that. Next we will spend some time getting to know each other. In the classroom instructors take it for granted that folks somehow get to know each other. For on-line classes, we have to make a special effort at first to communicate and get to know each other a little. This exercise will also help you get warmed-up in Blackboard. Then we will overview some fundamental definitions in risk, safety and risk assessment, including some basic U.S. laws and regulations, and some data on the realities of chemical hazards. Finally we will look at a slide show that introduces some basic toxicology concepts. The slides did not reproduce well, but you will get the idea. Lastly we will review some notions about units used to describe chemicals and exposures - more definitions. Note, there is a link to the closure module from the last time I taught this class. You might be interested in those comments and questions. Later I will update it with your comments and questions.

Learning Modules
Submodule 1A Getting Started in Blackboard and Getting to know you
Submodule 1B Risk and Safety   Learning Goals
Submodule 1C Chemical Hazards
Submodule 1D Introduction to Toxicology    Learning Goals
Submodule 1E Dose units
Submodule 1F Spring 2015 Closure New Closure Closure
   Learning Goals

There are 25 points for this module's homework. a.) 10 points for the auto-quiz you access through Blackboard, b.) 5 points for posting your personal information to Blackboard, c.) 5 points for the discussion, and d.) 5 points for the message to the instructor. All are explained more below.

a.) Access the quiz through Blackboard, see info in Submodule 1A. A copy of the quiz is found here.

b.) Post your personal information to Blackboard, see Getting to know you in Submodule 1A.

c.) The discussion homework is also in 1A. And

d.) Send the instructor a message. Write the message in Word and attach it to an email. Be sure to label the SUBJECT of your email "ENVE 651 HW1." Be sure to name the FILE "HW1_SmithR_XXX.doc" where Smith is your last name, R is your initial, and XXX is whatever you want for your file system, or it can be omitted. In the message ask at least one question about the material in Module 1, and write a few lines about any problems you had accessing the material, quirks about how you browser handled the material, or point out any typo's or glitches in the material. (Be nice.)

Here's some notes about the grading policy and time to get your assignments back. Grading and Turnaround.

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