Overview of Module

This is the last regular instructional module. It has two topics from risk management: Public Involvement and Risk Communications. While these are often separated from risk assessment in theory, in practice they are often needed by the risk assessors. Ecological risks and radiation risks are slightly beyond the scope of the course, but often arise, so we treat them here. Workplace health will discuss some principles that might benefit workers involved in risk assessment field work. Lastly we work through a RISC problem and get a Monte Carlo analysis output and talk a little about plant uptake.

 Module 12 Closes 8 April
Sub-module 12A Public Involvement
Sub-module 12B Risk Communications
Sub-module 12C Ecological Risk Assessment
Sub-module 12D Radiation, Workplace safety and risk assessments,
Sub-module 12E Dealer's choice: Wrapping up Wrisk + Monte Carlo; Food Chain

There are 30 points for this module's homework. a.) 15 points for the auto-quiz you access through Blackboard, b.) 10 points for the discussion (plus 5 extra-credit for some), c.) 5 points for the message to the instructor. All are explained more below.

a.) The quiz is on Blackboard. Here is a text version of it. Quiz

b.) For your discussion groups, the discussion is explained on this page, Discussion

c.) Next week's module is up to you. I'd like each student to send in one suggested topic for next week. There will not be any homework for next week's module. Presumably you will be putting the finishing touches on your paper.

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