Overview of Module
This module starts with non-cancer risk characterization, which completes your introduction to risk assessment. We now start using a very user friendly computer model which will do a lot of our grunt work and permit us to spend the rest of the course working on some fine points.

 Module 8
 Closes 11 March
 Sub-module 8A
Non-cancer endpoints, (homework quiz)
Intro modeling and the RISC program
 Sub-module 8C
New Closure Old Closure

There are 25 points for this module's homework. a.) 15 points for the quiz you access through Blackboard, b.) 5 points for the discussion, and c.) 5 points for getting started on RISC and a message to the instructor.

a.) The quiz is scored electronically on Blackboard. This is basically what you have been doing, but this quiz calls for a little digging and calculations on your part, so the questions and answers are not on Blackboard, just the places for you to click on the answers. The quiz is found on the last page of 8A, or you can just get to it from here. Quiz.

b.) For the discussion: Read the article from NPR, which is in a text file here. NPR Text After reading the story, use your groups to discuss: What questions about the story or insights into the situation might you have now, after studying some risk assessment in ENVE 651, that you would not have had before. After you have entered your contribution to the discussion, comment on at least one of the earlier contributions.

c.) Install the RISC Model on your computer. From the manual, read pages (as pdf counts them) 21-25 and 31-33. Then open RISC and look at the chemicals for which it has default values. Earlier you identified three chemicals from the TRI. Are any of those three in the RISC data base? Look at the chemical properties for a few of the chemicals. Do you recognize any familiar chemical or toxicological properties (that we have talked about)? Then look at some of the other properties, there should be some that you do not recognize. Then go to Chapter 11 of the RISC Manual. Look up one of the properties you were not familiar with. See if you can write a short paragraph in Word that describes the properties in your own words. Email that paragraph as HW 8. Also, there is no special requirement for a message to the instructor this week, but you are welcome to send one.

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