Module 4, Closes Monday, February 11

This module continues with the fate of chemicals: 4A deals with fate of chemicals in the environment, and 4B deals with fate of chemicals in the body, a science called toxicokinetics. In 4A we'll review some basic definitions and go on to an exercise in determining where "your" chemical will wind up: air, water, fish, etc. We'll use Dr. McKay's Level I model, but you will have to do a little digging to get your parameters. In 4C we'll continue to learn about scientific literature. There is a link to the closure module from the last time I taught this class. You might be interested in those comments and questions. Later I will update it with your comments and questions. Finally you will find some information about your class term paper. You should read the information and start thinking about the paper.

 Module 4

 Sub-module 4A
Fate of chemicals, equilibrium, homework

Sub-module 4B
Tox II , Toxicokinetics

Sub-module 4C
Use of scientific literature (continued)

Sub-module 4D
2013 Closure Old Closure

Information regarding the class paper, and library helps (from another course site, you will need to use the back button several times to return here.)

There are 25 points for this module's homework. a.) 10 points for the auto-quiz you access through Blackboard, b.) 8 points for the first discussion, c.) 5 points for the second discussion, and d.) 2 points for the message to the instructor. All are explained more below.

a.) The quiz is on Blackboard. You can review a copy of the quiz here, before you go to the electronic quiz. Quiz

b.) The first discussion question involves the environmental fate of your chemicals. First you describe your chemical in a word document (described more at the end of Submodule 4A) and post it to the Group Discussion Board, Module 4, Where oh where will my chemical go?

c.) The second discussion question involves literature and ethics. It is described at the end of Submodule 4C. Post to Group Discussion Board, Module 4, Up to my editor in alligators.

d.) Send the instructor a message. Ask at least one question about the material in Module 4, and write a few lines about any problems you had accessing the material, quirks about how you browser handled the material, or point out any typo's or glitches in the material.

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