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The master of science degree in engineering management is designed for engineers who hold, or expect to hold, positions as managers in such technical organizations as engineering design consultants, construction companies, petroleum and other manufacturing and development industries, public agencies and the military services. The master of science in science management is similar and is available to holders of bachelor's degrees in the physical, natural, and medical sciences. Since its beginning in 1959, the program and its counterpart at the Anchorage campus have granted more than 550 master's degrees.

Students take 30 semester hours of course work, including organization and management, human relations, economics and finance, quantitative, legal, and technical subjects that are important in the management of the technical enterprise. No thesis is required, but a project that examines "real world" technical management problems and presents a report of findings is required.

On-campus courses are generally held in the late afternoon or evening to allow employed engineers and scientists to participate on a part-time basis. An increasing number of courses are available via web-based instruction. Approximately 17% of our graduates are female and 20% are active duty military.

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