The ESM Faculty

F. Lawrence Bennett
Ph.D., P.E., Professor Emeritus, Engineering Management; B.C.E., Renesselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1961; M.S., Cornell University, 1963; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1966. Project management, project scheduling, construction management, construction contract claims and disputes, construction quality control.
Billy Connor
M.S, P.E., Director of Alaska University Transportation Center; B.S., xx 1965; M.S., xxxxolla, 1966; Ph.D., U
J. Leroy Hulsey
Ph.D., P.E., Professor of Civil Engineering; B.S., Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy, 1965; M.S., University of Missouri-Rolla, 1966; Ph.D., University of Missouri-Rolla, 1976. Structures, estimating, engineering organizations.
Andrew T. Metzger
Ph.D., P.E., Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering; B.S.C.E., Ohio University, 1994; M.S., Ohio University, 1995; Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University, 2007. Structural Engineering of buildings and bridges, conformance evaluations, engineering project management, construction management.
Robert A. Perkins
Ph.D., P.E., Professor of Civil Engineering; B.S.E. Florida Atlantic University, 1972; M.S., University of Alaska, Anchorage, 1977; M.S. University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1983; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1994. Risk analysis, engineering and construction management, environmental health and safety, public involvement and the engineering project.
Keith Whitaker
JD., P.E., Instructor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Coordinator of Construction Management. B.S. C.E. University of Rhode Island, 1986; J.D. University of Maine School of Law, 2006. Planning, coordination and managment of engineering and construction project.

The engineering management staff is supplemented by professors in other disciplines and adjuncts who present courses in their specialties.

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