Engineering and Science Management Policy


Our values and principles

The UAF ESM program is one of the nation's oldest engineering management programs and has provided quality engineering management education for hundreds of engineers and technical managers over the past 42 years. We continue to improve our methods and curriculum to accommodate technological change and train engineers to manage that change. We recognize our:
· Partnership with our students, their employers, and the public,
· Benefit from student interaction, the sharing of their professional experiences,
· Obligation to provide a useful academic education that improves the managerial skill set of our students,
· Duty to provide an ethical learning atmosphere that appreciates the impact of engineering projects on people, communities and the environment.

Why we exist

The mission of the UAF ESM program is to increase the management knowledge and skills of engineers and other highly technical personnel, who will manage engineering projects and technical endeavors that ultimately affect the public health and safety. We provide a forum for continuing education regarding technological changes.


Our vision

Management of engineering businesses and projects requires knowledge and skills that are not part of the usual academic curriculum of engineers and scientists. Once acquired, those skills must grow and adapt to technological evolution. The ESM Program will continue to provide a high quality academic background for students desiring management knowledge and skill. Acquiring that knowledge and skill by only practical experience is costly to both business and society. We seek to integrate the formal education we provide with the practical experience the students acquire during regular employment to maximize efficiency. Since only a fraction of Alaska engineers are able to attend evening classes in Fairbanks and that many of Alaska' s engineers' careers will relocate to other states and countries, we will strive to enable all engineers to continue their management education and finish their UAF degrees. We wish to be known as one of the premier engineering management programs in the nation, centered at UAF, and relevant to Alaska, the United States, and the world.