Module 8

Module 8, Closes Monday, March 23
USING PROJECT. Use this Module to get started in scheduling and use the tutorial in MS Project.

Scheduling is one of the technical areas of project management. All modern schedulers use software. We will learn to use Microsoft's Project and work with it the rest of the semester. We will use this week to learn Project.

Learning Modules
Submodule 8A Very brief introduction to scheduling

There are 5 points for this module's homework, plus extra credit, as described more below.

a.) After you have completed the tutorial and worked with the example problem, post a message to the Discussion Board. Ask one question about MS Project, such as, How do ***? Save your project to illustrate your question and attach it to the discussion. That's worth 5 points. Now for the extra credit, look at the problems a few of the students have posted and try to solve them. That is, tell the student how to fix what it is that's not working for them. Note here, the defaults are saved with the files, then are put onto your computer. So when you open another student's file, their defaults, timeline, for example, are what you will see.

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