Kathy Campbell ; Mark Parrott, P.E.; Michelle Desrochers, P.E.; Peter Hewko; and Michael Schmetzer, P.E. YUKON FLATS REGIONAL GOVERNMENT FEASIBILITY STUDY Alaska local government, yukon flats, TAPS, Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, taxation, boundaries
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*Subsequent to the public presentation of the study, Mr. Dan Bockhorst of the Local Boundry Commission Staff with the State of Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, reviewed the 95% draft and commented. Besides some typos and use of informal expressions for items that have a definite terminology in state law, two significant comments were: 1. The boundaries of the proposed borough and the existing state school attendance area are not the same. 2. The preliminary estimate of the costs for the new borough did not include the costs of assessing all the real property in the new borough, which may be a substantial cost. Mr. Bockhorsts comments are in red in the Word file.


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