Module 6

Information from Course Outline
Module 6, Closes Monday, October 14
Radiation, Chapter 8; Tank systems, Chapter 11

Radiation from radioactive waste is an important hazardous waste issue. It is generally a specialized hazard from tightly regulated industries, so we will cover it briefly. Tank systems are important because much hazardous waste is stored in tanks.

Learning Modules
Submodule 6A
Radiation Q&A
Tokaimura Q&A
Submodule 6C
Tank systems Q&A
New Closure

There are 25 points for this module's homework. a.) 10 points for the auto-quiz you access through Blackboard, b.)8 points for the assignment relating to Tokaimura, c.) 5 points for the discussion, and d.) 2 points for the message to the instructor.

a.) Access the quiz through Blackboard. A copy of the quiz is found here. Several questions on the quiz require you to look some things up that are not in the learning submodules directly.

b.) For the assignment relating to Tokaimura, see Submodule 6B. Attach your assignment to the message to the instructor and submit as HW 6 via email.

c.) For the discussion, reread the site on the radium dial workers. What do you think about it? Could this happen in the U.S. today? What kinds of things might the employer and employees do to prevent this?

d.) Message to the Instructor. Mention one thing you found interesting or something you did not know before, and one thing you found foggy or incomplete. Extra credit for pointing out typo's or glitches in the material to the instructor.

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