ENVE 651, Environmental Risk Assessment, is a three-credit graduate course offered by the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Most students will be professionals with bachelor's degrees in engineering or the natural sciences who are working in environmental fields. The goal of the course is to familiarize students with some of the basic principles of the science of risk assessment. The course is offered via the web, using "web-based pedagogy." There are no on-campus class meetings. Registration and other administrative details are handed via the web, occasionally supplemented by fax or telephone. Students have completed similar on-line courses from several Alaska cities and overseas without coming to UAF.

The course time constraint is "asynchronous with deadlines." There are weekly deadlines, but the students may do the work anytime within the week. There are weekly assignments, quizzes, a take-home final, and a paper. For similar on-line courses, students report they spend six to eight hours in the average week.

If you are interested, peruse the information from the links below. Email Dr. Perkins with any questions, raperkins@alaska.edu

Here is a brief overview about taking a graduate-level course "over the web." It has information about registration and fees.
Administrative guide to the course
Course Topic Outline
Modules, due dates, and topics
Course Web Page
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