Log Cabin to Bennett

The Iowa men, horses, and gear moved up the trail in stages. Thus some arrived sooner than others. Marsh notes he arrived at Log Cabin on at 8:30 PM on 4 April and that he was "wet and hungry. Would say that the snow was about 6 feet deep on the level...."

The Mounties had the customs house here at Log Cabin, but moved it to Bennett. Note sled and drawbar at customs house, and sled to the right of tent here. Dead horses. Other accounts describe offal of all kinds at Log Cabin  



E. M. Vail dressed up to celebrate Dewey's victory, which was on 1 May 1898. The most famous Pittock's hotel. The far inferior Paradise Valley hotel, shown on maps as Lewis Camp no. 9. Valley of Three Fingers, Log Cabin - Bennett Trail.


Apparently after they reached Bennett, Vail hiked back on the Chilkoot Trail and took some photos of that route.