Lake Bennett and the Iowa


Again they moved in stages, so some of the party were at Bennett before others and all made many trips. Here's from Marsh notes on April 19, 1898:

"Same old thing - load to the lake. Oh, but this is getting to be hard work but we must get our goods to the lake." After they got their goods to Lake Bennett, they went 35 miles to Caribou Crossing, where they put up a saw mill and built their boats, including the Iowa.

  Tents on rocky point, Bennett Police Headquarters, Bennett. (Note the sleds and that there is no snow to drag them.) (Note the black caulking on the boat seams. Local pine tar?)



(Take home message - hard to get anywhere once the ice is out. ) Graves of Tommy Barnes and Lew Richards, the Frenchman, on an island "20 miles from here [Caribou Crossing] and 15 miles from Bennett." They were not from Iowa group but 4 of the Iowa group went back for the funeral.    


Iowa, may be full party on deck Note caribou rack on wheelhouse. This photo was probably taken some months after the launch at Caribou Crossing. It refers to "13 stayers," presumably part of the party that would stay that winter.   Engine Room, Steamboat Iowa



Jenny may have known what was coming next.