Elizabeth Rimmler, age 9 months, Frederick, age 3 years, April 1918, Baptism


Elizabeth Rimmler (Perkins)


Clockwise: White cap, Fred Rimmler; Fred and Eliz on toy with Gram (Teaneck, 1920), same, same, same with dog; With horse, Leo Kraus at head (Else beau, artist, made copper tray, sphinx head, boy is Fred, John Muir married Else, Karl Freiderich Rimmler at plow (Hackensack, 1922).  Note says Green Street, Hackensack (NJ).


Fred with dog

Kids with father, Karl Frederick


1921 photo for document.  Fred (Fritzl) Mom (Darlink) and Gram.




Washington School, Lodi, NJ.  Fred is 2d from left in top row.  Note ears in enlargement.


Confirmation, St. Francis de Sales RC Church, Lodi, NJ.  June 3, 1931.  Elizabeth “Mary” and Frederick “Paul”


Susanna, Friederich, Elizabeth Rimmler, Lodi

Karl Friederich Rimmler

Above. 1938. Phillip Rimmler, Luise Rimmler hanger, (Karl) Friederich  Rimmler, Elise Rimmler Ruff, Antonie Zimer Rimmler (Phillip’s second wife).

Left. Fred Rimmler, Antonie Zimmer Rimmler, Betty Rimmler, Phillip Rimmler, July 17, 1938. Betty’s 21st birthday.


Karl Friederich Rimmler, perhaps in the 1940’s.  Note label pin, probably the Elks Club.



Chef Karl Freiderich Rimmler (in white) taken when he worked for United Piece Dye Works in Lodi, N.J.


Elise Rimmler Ruff and Ernst Ruff and dog Beauty.  Early 1950’s

Robert on left and Leigh Perkins.  1948?



Elizabeth Rimmler to marry Charles Perkins, Nov. 1, 1944.  Elise Ruff, Helena LaCava, and Luise Hagner (all nee Rimmler)


Christmas 1945, 1st row, John LaCava Jr., Robert Allan Perkins in cradle, Robin Rimmler, Elizabeth Rimmler Perkins, Charles M. Perkins.  Marjorie Meadows Rimmler.  2d row, Ernst Ruff, John La Cava Sr., Susanna Rimmler, Elise Rimmler Ruff, Helena Rimmler LaCava, Lusie Rimmler Hagner