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Module 3, Closes Monday, February 9, 2015
PROJECT MANAGER. Read Chapter 3 and the Old Closure Module. Start Group Project 1. (See description in the learning module hyperlink called Team Project 1, now due February16th.) Individual homework: Prepare written responses to Material Review Questions 2, 3, 5, and 9, and Class Discussion 18. Group homework (see instructions): Class Discussion Question 21 and the Newcastle Nursing incident at the end of Chapter 3.

See below for instructions how to submit this homework.

This chapter describes the attributes and characteristics required of the project manager. The unique requirements of managing projects are detailed and the process of selecting a manager is discussed. The unique challenges of managing global projects are also described.

Learning Modules
Submodule 3A The Project Manager, Chapter 3
Submodule 3B Closure
Submodule 3C Spring 2010 Closure
Project 1 Group Project 1, due February 16

There are 20 points for this module's homework. a.) 5 points for the auto-quiz you access through Blackboard, b.) 5 points for the individual homework via e-mail to the instructor c.) 8 points for the group homework and d.) 2 points for the message to the instructor. All are described more below.

a.) Quiz
A copy of the quiz is found here. Before you do this quiz, you might want to do the quiz on the Publisher's website. The directions are in your syllabus . After you do the publisher's quiz, you will be told what the right answers are. Note some of the publisher's questions are specific to case studies in the text, these questions are not so important. The other questions you should be able to get right.

b.) Individual Homework.
Write answers for Material Review Questions 2, 3, 5, and 9 and Class Discussion Question 18 in Word and combine them with the message to the instructor (see below).

c.) Group Homework
We will use the Group Discussion to discuss Class Discussion Question 21 and Newcastle Nursing. There are two forums started: Module03 Question21 and Module03 Newcastle. On the forum is the name of the "Project Manager" (PM) for that forum. You may work as a team in any way that you like, but the PM for that forum is responsible for gathering the final answers and presenting them.

d.) Message to the Instructor
Use email to send the instructor a message. Label the subject of your email: ESM 609 HW3. Write a message to the instructor in Word. The message should include the answers to two questions: 1) What was the most useful or meaningful thing you learned from this module, and 2) what was the "muddiest" (least clear) item in the module. Some extra credit for pointing out any typo's or glitches in the material. See the info in 1A about naming the file.

The instructor will issue a grade for each submission. The grade is my subjective evaluation of the work. For the team work, each team member who contributes and the PM will get the same grade. The PM will get one point extra, if the final submission is on time.

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