Pacific Air Forces Implementation of Airfield Obstruction Management System Software


Within the United States Air Force physical obstructions litter the numerous airfields that are used on a daily basis. These airfield obstructions vary in size from underground utility markers to large hangars, all of which encroach on a predefined imaginary surface surrounding the runway. Since these obstructions violate an airfield imaginary surface, an airfield waiver package must be developed, reviewed and submitted to higher headquarters. An extensive reporting procedure is currently in place, requiring annual submittals of all airfield waivers from each PACAF installation. Previously, this process has been managed without any automation, making this a very laborious and manpower intensive process. Studies of the airfield waiver business practice have shown that this process will benefit greatly by implementing a Geographic Information System (GIS). PACAF researched and found an existing GIS system to manage most aspects of the airfield waiver process. A contract was let to modify the existing system, survey all nine PACAF airfields, and implement the system at all nine installations. Implementation of this system will provide significantly increased situational awareness concerning airfield obstructions and potentially prevent future accidents involving aircraft and obstructions.


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