Module 14

Information from Course Outline
Module 14 Closes Monday, December 9

This module treats the topics: Pollution Prevention (Chapter 17), and Voluntary Standards (Chapter 2).

Learning Modules
Submodule 14A
Pollution Prevention
Submodule 14B
Voluntary Standards

The homework for these modules will be different than earlier modules. a.) There is a quiz worth 9 points. The text version of the quiz is in Submodule 14 A. You should do that quiz when you finish the submodule. b.) There is a 15 point assignment on pollution prevention. That will require some research and discussion. c.) Finally for 10 points, write a message to the instructor.

a.) Quiz

b.) Pollution Prevention Assignment. This is found at the end of Submodule 14A.

c.) Message to the Instructor. Write a paragraph or two about Panasonic's (See Submodule 14B) environmental attitude and policies, as articulated on their corporate web site, President's message and the CSR web page. How were you impressed? How would you feel if Panasonic was planning to open a new plant close to your home? Would you buy Panasonic products? Extra credit for pointing out typo's or glitches in Module 14 to the instructor.


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