Module 12

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Module 12, Closes Monday, November 25

Note. There is a grading plan for your papers, which you should look at. Grading Plan.

Module 12

This module treats the topics: Air Quality (Chapter 15), Water Quality (Chapter 14),

Learning Modules
Submodule 12A
Air and Water Introduction; Q&A
Submodule 12B
Water Quality ; Q&A
Submodule 12C
Air Quality; Q&A
  New Closure

The homework for this and the last modules will be different than earlier modules. a.) There is a quiz for each submodule worth 5 points. You can find them in the Course Information folder under 12B and 12C, that is, you need to take both quizzes. The paper version of the quiz is in each submodule. You should do that quiz when you finish the submodule. b.) For 5 points, write a message to the instructor and ask one or more questions about the modules.

a.) Quizzes

b.) Message to the Instructor. Mention some things you found foggy or incomplete. Extra credit for pointing out typo's or glitches in the material to the instructor.

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