Learning Goals:
Understand the basics of manifesting hazardous waste and transportation safety issues.

The DOT focus is on the transportation safety aspects of hazardous waste , i.e., preventing fires, crashes and insuring passenger safety. While it is incumbent on the generator of hazardous waste to make sure the waste gets to the TSDF, in practice most of the details are taken care of by the transporter. The generator, however, must make the manifest. For the manifest, the generator should know two things: What it is he is shipping, and How much he is shipping. But nothing in the Haz Mat business is simple. Before the generator writes the manifest, he must go to the DOT regulations to get the information needed for the manifest.

So we will start with the DOT's Hazardous Material Table. I have abstracted the table headings and 3 chemicals for you on the next page.


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