Module 2

Information from Course Outline
Module 2, Closes Monday, September 16
Overview of Laws and Regulations, Chapter 1

This module serves two purposes. It provides an overview of the current U.S. "environmental laws" that are important to this course and environmental science and engineering in general, and should give you some insight into the complexity of environmental problems relating to hazardous waste. The laws that are particularly important to hazardous and toxic waste will be discussed in more detail later.

Learning Modules
Submodule 2A The Sopranos
Submodule 2B OverviewQ&A
Submodule 2C RCRA, CERCLA, TRI;   Q&A
Submodule 2D Some web-searching;  Q&A
Submodule 2E Updated Closure

There are 25 points for this module's homework. 5 points for the auto-quiz you access through Blackboard, 10 points for TRI assignment, 5 points for the discussion, and 5 points for the message to the instructor.

Access the quiz through Blackboard. A copy of the quiz is found here.

The TRI assignment is discussed at the end of submodule 2C. That will be in a Word document of 3 to 4 paragraphs that will be combined with the message to the instructor. See below.

The discussion is prepared in the Forum. There will be an announcement in Blackboard whether to use the class discussion board or depending on the number of students, the group discussion board. Go to this site and read sections I - VII about Rachel Carson. Her book Silent Spring or rather the popularity of it, marked the beginning of the era of environmental awareness in the United States. Had you heard of Carson before this course? Since most of you were not born in 1963, I'm curious what you think about pesticides. Do you use them in your garden? (Everyone in Alaska, almost, uses insect repellents, but these are different than the 'cides.) Do you buy fruit and vegetables that are "certified pesticide free." Would you buy such if they were 10% more costly than produce with some small pesticide residue. Would you buy them if they were twice as costly? After you have written your piece, comment on at least one of the contributions above yours (first contributor does not have to comment on later submissions, but could).

Write a message to the instructor in Word. The message should include the answers to two questions: 1) What was the most useful or meaningful thing you learned from this module, and 2) what was the "muddiest" (least clear) item in the module. You will receive some extra credit for pointing out any typo's or glitches in the material. Combine the two word documents, the TRI discussion first and the message to me second. Be sure the two items are separated and labeled clearly. See the info in 1A about naming the file, but this should be named: HW2_SmithJ if your name is John Smith.

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