ENVE 649 Hazardous and Toxic Waste Management Fall 2019




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Dr. Robert A. Perkins, P.E.
Office: 253 Duckering
Office phone 907-474-7694
Home phone 907- 479-3906
Email raperkins@alaska.edu

The final grade is the instructor's subjective evaluation of the student's knowledge of the course subject matter. The instructor considers such objective criteria as:

Assignments (14 @ 15) 210 points
Quizzes (14@10) 140 points
Brief Reports (4 @ 20) 80 points
Paper   100 points
Miscellaneous Approximately 20 points
550 points

Course Description
This course provides an overview of hazardous waste generation, handling and disposal. Hazardous wastes cost money to dispose properly and often much more money if they are not disposed properly. Proper disposal means both disposal without harming human health or the environment and also conforming to applicable laws and regulations. This course will overview the U.S. Environmental laws and the position of the hazardous waste laws within those environmental laws. The course will also consider the physical, chemical, and biological hazards of materials, and basic workplace practice to minimize those hazards. The main topics are listed in the Course Outline.

The course is organized in modules. The modules are both an administrative and teaching unit. The student will complete one module per week, and each module will "close" on a Monday at 8 PM, Alaska Time. Electronic asynchronous discussions with other students are part of the course and these require participation prior to the closing time.

Each week's module will have a description of the homework due, and other administrative information about the module.

Each module will be graded; the typical module will generate 25 points: 5 points for the individual student's assignments, 5 points for the group discussion and 5 points for Email to the instructor. There will 10 points for the week's quiz. Extra credit points are given as justified or announced. The individual assignment may be questions requiring text answers or problems that require calculations. The discussion with other students requires participation in an on-line "discussion board." The Email to the instructor, "questions and comments," require the student to ask questions pertaining to the material or identify glitches in the on-line presentations. If the student identifies glitches ranging from gaps in the material to incorrect hyperlinks and typographical errors, the student will get credit for calling them to the instructor's attention. Questions will be answered to the student directly and posted to a "closure" section in the following weeks module.

There will be several brief reports that the students make during the semester. These typically involve web-searching and analysis of a topic.

The paper will be a term-paper on a relevant topic. The length of the paper will vary between students, but the typical paper will have about 10 pages of text, 12-point font, double spaced.

The student will understand the management of hazardous waste including the engineering, scientific and regulatory matrix that controls hazardous materials and operations.

Final Exam
There will not be a final exam.

Text Books
The recommended textbook is: Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste Management, Second Edition, by Gayle Woodside, John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0-471-17449-1.

Learning Modules
The course website is accessed through the course web page .