Guide for Submitting Assignments

You will submit electronic assignments using email. You should also use email if you have any direct student problems. But the assignments and personal problems must be labeled differently. I try to answer any direct problems of individuals ASAP. Usually the day I get them. Assignments I sweep into a separate file and work on them in a batch when I get the time. Besides ENVE 649 emails, I get 30 or 40 a day, so the SUBJECT heading of the email must tell me what to do with it. If it is a homework or assignment email, label the subject ENVE 649 HW5 (Or ENVE 651 or 652, as the case may be). If it is a direct problem, label the subject ENVE 649 Question, or HELP, or such.


Always keep an electronic copy of your assignments.

Often the assignment will ask you to send a document as an attachment to the email. Label the homework files as shown: For the homework for Module 8, for example, if your name is Jon Smith, the file would be HW8_SmithJxxxx.doc. Where the xxxx could be your file number, if you want one, or omitted. Use the underscore, not a dash or space. You need to save the file using this system. Sorry if this seems a little picky, but when I'm grading there may be 10 or 20 assignment files open on my desktop and the file name tells me the author without scrolling through the document. You should also put your name on the top of the document.

Sometimes there are more than one file for a particular assignment. In that case I will tell you in the assignment what label to use.