Comments on Exposure Assessment Homework:

The calculations can get involved. Here are some take-home messages:
1. The basic notion of intake is fairly simple. It is just how many milligrams of contaminant a receptor takes in per average day per kilogram of body weight.
2. Averaging time is the same as exposure duration for noncarcinogens and is 70 years for carcinogens.
3. There are many assumptions about parameters that must be made in order to actually calculate the intake. "Your mileage may differ."
4. There are standard "default" values of some parameters are available that are assumed conservative (and are probably very conservative, but may not be…..hmmm?)
5. There are chemical specific parameters for many common contaminant chemicals that you will need to look up.

Here is a link to my version of the spreadsheets. Perkins HW 6




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